sarcastic witch Dorothy Zbornak


Hermione McGonagall
15 September 1992
I am Dorothy Zbornak (~ 70% similar to real DZ).

I play on musical instruments (the pipe (simple version of the flute), the flute, a bit the piano & dulcimer),
ficreader (female/female almost always)
and ficwriter (female/female 99% of times. Harry Potter (mostly in the past, don't know about the future), fan-fictions based on the books mostly + on some films and TV Series. The Worst Witch (Imogen Drill/Constance Hardbroom) is what I write about now almost only. They are OTP (I am similar to both partly at the same time, ~ 80% of general mix) I write about constancely *pun intended* since April 2014). Imogen Drill drilled a way to Constance Hardbroom's heart. — by me April 3, 2014);
NO, thanks to my best friend (amiga), I started to write about other characters again and watched something new where I found few OTPs too. Gracias ^_^
make gifs;
watch TV-something (TV Series & films) sometimes (not on TV itself, because it's veeery hard for me to find something in native country to watch, except cartoons); cooking sometimes (since I was ~ 5 & maternal grandmother was teaching me how to;
introvert (can be extrovert in some cases);
feminist & lesbian;
love sarcasm (also love black humour (although there has 'no' themes)) & smart;
think too much about very many things and love it.

Cats vs dogs? Dogs only. They are my favourite animals (mongrels are the best). #2 are bats.

Logics > Ethics since the very beginning. When I was a small girl even, I was a logician (and used to say smart phrases from time to time), but my imagination was veeery poor (I can say almost unexistent).

F/F age gap (read / write / watch). Old lesbians forever #1 & #2

The worst Witch is original which (in general) better than Harry Potter.

My Gryffindor Mothers Lionesses are witches Minerva McGonagall (Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry) and Imogen Drill (Miss Cackle's Academy for Witches).

My clips on YouTube.

my fan-fictions

! I am here: main Tumblr blog dorothy-zbornak.tumblr.com
+ other Tumblr blogs are
idgie-and-ruth (about film & book "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe")
Cracks2009 (about the film "Cracks")
Dorothea-Wieck ((lesbian idol) a.k.a. Fräulein von Bernburg ♥♥♥ (in first and the best lesbian film "Mädchen in Uniform", 1931)is a biggest source for Dorothea Wieck's and MiU's everything)
the-worst-witch-similar.tumblr.com Everything similar to The Worst Witch ♥♥♥ (books & TV Series) by Jill Murphy. (I am probably biggest fan of Imogen Drill.)
beawitched-by-bea Bea Arthur fan site. (the Queen of facial expressions, her gorgeous looks is ♥♥♥) is a biggest source for Bea's images (from bunch of films/TV shows/events/plays/etc) and gifs in the Internet. This is my own place to show my love to this great woman.
maggie-natalie-smith (about great British actress Maggie Smith. I love Minerva soooo much ♥♥♥)
and Twitter.com/HeraMcGonagall.

Download films with Dorothea Wieck.

I have logics and intuition, ethics is minor when it not comes to something I love/like etc. and I love to think. For me, it is great. I think almost all the time. I have more intuition, because... For, example: how you explain your love / not love to a character? Using logics or feelings (ethics); or using Intuition, maybe? Yes. intuition comes first, even if I know a character badly yet. And then logics follows. In generally (about characters or people), even if here are strong feelings (good or bad ones), I can say reasons why I have certain feelings towards a person, but, I am not 'sound weird' as those who has ethics instead of logics.

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1) Dame Maggie Natalie Smith. I adore her :)

2) I love Dorothea Wieck. Ich liebe ihr für immer :) Our lesbian idol

"What you call sin, Headmistress, I call the great spirit of love, which takes a thousand forms." © Fräulein Elisabeth von Bernburg (Dorothea Wieck) in "Mädchen in Uniform", 1931

Dorothea Wieck / Hertha Thiele ("Mädchen in Uniform", 1931) OTP

Ich bin Manuela von Meinhardis weil... Ich liebe dich, Elisabeth von Bernburg

(I am Manuela von Meinhardis because... I love you, Elisabeth von Bernburg).

Imogen Drill/Constance Hardbroom (The Worst Witch).


*it seems as somebody knew about us* look :D (Imogen is a favourite character <3 (in the TV Series (Claire Porter's), but not in the books (she appeared there veeeery rarely and her looks is totally different, alas)). My dear witch who would have been Gryffindor in Hogwarts (=> our Gryffindor mama Lioness, but at Cackle's).

Hanazono Shizuma ♥♥♥ from Strawberry Panic! It is lesbian treasure which consists from anime, manga, and three light novels. (Japanese variant surname-name.)

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