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You can find me on following sites on the Internet:

dorothy-zbornak.tumblr.com EVERY DAY (images, images, images ♥♥♥ // females (celebrities (mostly Bea Arthur, Maggie Smith (my first favourite actress <3), Dorothea Wieck, Katharine Hepburn) or not), all things retro/old or not very old (a.k.a. modern things sometimes) (I love ~ 1900s - 1970s but mostly 1st half of 20th century), beautiful places around the world (especially UK (mainly Scotland)), humour (mostly black one) & sarcasm, things that similar to my life (quotes/pictures/gifs/thoughts/anything else)), LGBT (lesbians mostly (from G to PG-13 mostly), also news and something related with LGBT), art (photographs and illustrations), animals, sometimes books/ tartan/ food/ old cars and other things I (shall) like. See here (#100 facts about me) for my OTPs.
dorothea-wieck.tumblr.com The blog about Dorothea Wieck (lesbian idol)  a.k.a. Fräulein von Bernburg ♥♥♥ (in first and the best lesbian film "Mädchen in Uniform", 1931) is a biggest source for Dorothea Wieck's and MiU's images and gifs in the Internet (about half of images found or made by me / 70% gifs made by me).
beawitched-by-bea.tumblr.com Bea Arthur fan site. (the Queen of facial expressions, her gorgeous looks is ♥♥♥) is a biggest source for Bea's images (from bunch of films/TV shows/events/plays/etc) and gifs in the Internet (just original posts (99% of images found or made by me)) / anything related with Bea).
the-worst-witch-similar.tumblr.com Everything similar to The Worst Witch ♥♥♥ (books & TV Series) by Jill Murphy. (I am probably biggest fan of Imogen Drill.)
cracks2009.tumblr.com The blog about the lesbian film "Cracks", 2009 (based on the book by Sheila Kohler).
Also I am here:
idgie-and-ruth.tumblr.com The blog about the lesbian film & book "Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe" (the book by Fannie Flagg).
maggie-natalie-smith.tumblr.com The blog about Dame Maggie Natalie Smith (just original posts (images found or made by me), sometimes something related with Maggie. --on hiatus--

You can see my gifs (I love to make such kind of images).

99% of the tag Twitter = Tumblr (I know , it is strangely but automatical reposting (from Tumblr to Live Journal) does not avaliable for Tumblr yet, therefore I do it via Twitter.)

Harrypottering It is colections of ridiculous ficwriters' errors from fan-fictions on 'Harry Potter'(in Russian for now (on hiatus but you can read it anyway), here / Это - коллекция смешных фикрайтерских ошибок из фан-фикшенов по "Гарри Поттеру" (на русском языке (сейчас приостановлено, но вы можете почитать в любом случае)) здесь.

Никнейм Hermione McGonagall зарегистрирован! Click for more! (Нажмите, если хотите увидеть больше!)

Come back soon, I'll be waiting! (© Bea Arthur's Ackmena <3<3<3)


Mar. 2nd, 2011 01:34 pm (UTC)
О, Здравствуйте, Профессор!
не знал, что и у вас есть омут памяти
Mar. 2nd, 2011 02:21 pm (UTC)
А при чём тут проофессор? Скорее уж, дочка (ну или внучка) профессора. Хотя, в моих AU фан-фикшенах Гермиона стала профессором Трансфигурации.
Mar. 2nd, 2011 03:04 pm (UTC)
Что-то мы пишем в разных временах.:)

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